Real Cyber Security
for the small business

Red Gravity© Cyber Security

Effective and affordable cyber security solution designed for small and medium businesses

Network Alarm Corporation’s Red Gravity system monitors your network 24x7 and alerts you when it detects any intrusion or malicious activity.

Network alarm system designed for MSPs to manage multiple clients on multiple levels of security

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What is Red Gravity for?

  • Protect your business data from:
  • Hackers
  • Data Breaches  
  • Antivirus malware 
  • Spear phishing
  • Infected files 
  • Ransomware
  • Employee Theft


24x7 Monitoring

Monitor your network and computers for unauthorized users and activity. Detect internal threats at folder / file level.

Custom Triggers

Setup triggers when someone installs new programs, modifies users, or any activity outside of normal business hours.

Real-time Notifications

Send Phone/SMS/Email alerts to your clients and IT staff alerting them about an intrusion or a threat.

Compliance Reporting

Designed to meet your business's regulatory compliance reporting and auditing needs.

Technical Support

Our experienced security professionals review the alerts as they occur in real time and can provide technical assistance to your IT staff to identify and resolve security issues.

Easy to Use

Easy to setup and use without prior technical know-how or expensive hardware. It works just like your home or business alarm system.

Who can use Red Gravity?

Legal Firms
Accounting and
financial firms
Political Firms
Small Businesses and Non-profits

Benefits for MSPs

Build stronger relationships with your clients

Network Alarm Corporation built Red Gravity specifically with MSPs in mind. Our 30+ years of experience in the channels marketplace have given us an understanding of MSPs and the desire to support them. Network Alarm Corporation’s excellent compensation program and useful tools will help you support your end client and build stronger relationships. Together, we can come up with solutions to provide for your clients’ needs and earn you a little more revenue while we’re doing it.

If you need to secure customer data at different levels, Red Gravity has multi-level functionality, allowing you to access your customer’s client base, or develop varying levels of access within a single company. Red Gravity also provides compliance reporting.
Costs can escalate quickly if you use other security programs to manage multiple customer accounts. Plus, you still have to monitor your servers carefully to detect unusual activity. With Red Gravity, you can view all of your client information on one unified interface at an affordable price, and the software will do the monitoring for you.

We Work With Your IT Support Staff

Red Gravity™ works with your current IT support staff, or IT support organization, and does not replace what you are doing now. Red Gravity™ easily integrates with your network and augments any existing security tools you are using. If your organization does not have IT support, Network Alarm can refer you to one of our partner organizations.

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Network Alarm Corporation’s Red Gravity system monitors your network 24x7 and alerts you when it detects any intrusion or malicious activity.

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